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New Research on Mental Health

Improving Health, New Research, Retirement / 16.03.2016

We all go through times of stress, anxiety, and temporary sadness. For those that are looking for information and recent and relevant articles relating to mental health news, this section is for you. It provides emerging research and informational topics for a variety of mental health related issues such as managing stress for the holidays, seasonal causes of depression, and many others. These sections are for informational purposes only and not specifically for the treatment of anxiety, depression, or stress. Take a look at the topics. If you are looking for therapy, please contact our staff at 916-482-MIND (6463).

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Staying Healthy: Mind & Body

Improving Health, Mental Health, Mindfulness / 16.03.2016

There’s a strong link and interconnection between good mental health and good physical health. Nearly every aspect of your life—from how you feel about yourself to your relationships with others and your physical health—is impacted by your overall mental health and mood.