We offer therapy services for individuals, groups, and couples. Our approach to therapy is directive yet gentle and compassionate. We work collaboratively with each of our clients to help them discover the underlying causes and obstacles that have impeded their progress towards their goals. Our solution-focused approach for treatment allows our clients to stay focused on progress, their strengths, and helps them to keep moving forward toward their desired outcome for therapy throughout the collaborative therapy process.

The therapy process at Mind Set Psychological center begins with a comprehensive and detailed assessment. We believe strongly that an accurate diagnosis, assessment, and treatment plan is the beginning of lasting change and that no therapy process can be effective until you know all the factors that are interfering with your progress. Keeping this in mind, our staff of experienced clinicians and psychologists begin the process with a comprehensive interview that will consist of a detailed report highlighting the contributions to our client’s difficulties, a diagnosis, and a clearly delineated treatment plan that covers the course of treatment and what the client can expect.

Each of our therapy clients receive a copy of our assessment and treatment plan so that together the clinician and client can focus on the solutions and the strengths of each client and work collaboratively towards the clients’ growth and potential. Thereafter, each therapy session helps the client work towards his/her goal and the progress and overall success each client makes along the therapy process is tracked. At the end of the therapy process, our clients are provided with an exit report that highlights the progress and overall growth they have made along the way.

Therapy Options

Individual Therapy

Our approach to therapy is directive, gentile, and solution focused. Our goal is to empower our clients to discover their strengths and help them to learn strategies for effectively managing their situations. We offer short-term individual therapy face-to face, teletherapy options, and therapy packages to help our clients work towards their desired goals.


Couples Counseling

MINDset Psychological Center offers comprehensive and solution-focused strategies for helping couple’s strengthen their relationship. We offer 60-90 minute face-to-face, teletherapy options, and comprehensive packages to help couples realize the potential of their relationship.


Teletherapy Services

MINDset Psychological Center offers both traditional therapy services and teletherapy services for our clients. Teletherapy, or telepsychology, is the delivery of psychological and therapy services